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May. 24th, 2007




I hear by promise that I will post more of what happens each time I meditate each week. I have been learning huge, beautiful, ugly, exciting, and frightening things about myself. And I have found connection with Kore in startling ways. What do all of you think? Have you done the meditations? I'm curious. I know that my relationship with Kore and what I thought I knew of Her has drastically changed these past few months.

Back to the program....

Meditation: What makes something beautiful?

May. 15th, 2007



Meditation # 7

This one is cut and dry because I was asked to be a bit less wordy and a bit more open ended. *grin* So here it is.

Why be afraid of something you want?

May. 1st, 2007



Merry Beltane, Merry May, or Joyful Older Dionysia!

I hope you have a wonderful celebration, whatever you call it and however you celebrate it!

Meditation: Persephone, lend me your ability to experience joy in life, greeting each day knowing that my life is full of amazingly wonderful surprises.

Notice the two main elements in this meditation - experiencing joy and being willing to be open to the thought that each day brings amazing surprises to be enjoyed. What amazine surprises did you experience today? What joy did you experience today?

Apr. 19th, 2007



Meditation # 5

Centuries ago, soldiers in Europe used good-smelling spices to distract the injured from pain. Today, hospitals are experimenting with aromatherapy, using good smells to comfort those in postoperative recovery. One of the first things people in any time period do when they receive flowers is to smell them.

If you look at the list of flowers that Kore and her Maiden friends were picking, you will notice that all of them are known for their perfume. Even the herbs They picked to make wreaths out of are highly fragrant.

Meditation: Choose a few different aromas that you enjoy and spend some time in meditation inhaling the fragrance. Use a different oil/incense/aroma each day. Keep your mind open to what memories it calls up for you, what emotions you feel, and which one seems to call up the Goddess when you smell it. Write down your observations after each meditation.

Apr. 11th, 2007



Meditation #4

One of the easiest ways to feel happier is to smile. Even when, no especially when, you think there is nothing to smile about. What happens when you smile? Try it right now. Do you feel a bit happier?

What happens when you see someone smile at you? Or you hear someone laugh or make some other joyful sound? I know it lifts my heart when I hear others being joyful.

When you see someone smiling, and it is sincere and heartfelt, you are seeing Kore shine through them. When you smile, you are Kore.

Meditation: Spend some time smiling and let the Goddess shine through you. Feel Her enter your heart, and if you are smiling at others, watch how She enters their heart.

Apr. 3rd, 2007



Meditation #3

While we can’t spend all day, every day frolicking in the meadows with our friends (and who would want to after a while!) we can make an effort to do more of the things that we like. The things that put a smile on our face and a skip in our step. Most of the time, the things that bring the most pleasure are simple. So simple that we overlook them and discount them. Kore didn’t go on a cruise everyday, She wasn’t dripping in diamonds, and She wasn’t even shopping at the mall. And yet She is the very picture of joy.

There was an older man that I knew who was celebrating his 90th birthday. All his family was there for the party. I commented on what a special day it was for him and his responce surprised me. "Any day I can sit on my porch in my rocking chair and sip on a cup of coffee while the sun rises is a special day."

Meditation Question: What simple pleasure could I introduce into my life that would make every day a special day?

Extra Credit: Make the effort to bring that special pleasure into your life and focus on it for at least a few minutes. Post what your simple pleasure is and what (if any) changes it makes in your life to have it daily.

Mar. 27th, 2007



Meditation #2

Kore spent her days with her friends, gathering flowers, laughing, and dancing. She was not worried about someone thinking she wasn’t taking life seriously enough, as if that was a virtue She had to live up to. Kore was living each moment in full appreciation of Her Mother’s gifts.

Spend a moment thinking back to a time when you were a child and you did silly, fun things just because it made you laugh. You had no care for how you looked, what others thought of you, and you gave yourself over fully to it. In that moment in time, you were truly happy and alive. Close your eyes and focus on one particular time. Recapture that moment, what you were doing, who you were with, and how you felt.

Meditation Question: What value do I place on having fun?

Extra credit
Actually DO some of those things you loved doing as a child. Even better, get a friend to do them with you.

Mar. 20th, 2007



(no subject)

If you just want the meditations and do not want to read more personal things about my journey with kore...don't click.

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Meditation #1

Spring Equinox

Kore was identified with the first budding of a plant, a seed, or a kernel while her Mother was seen as the ripened fruit, the flower in full bloom, the wheat ready to be harvested. Kore was potential, a glimpse of what could be. She is possibility itself. However, if she stays as the Maiden She is only potential and never potential realized.

The Spring Equinox is when the days and nights are in balance with one another, with light to gain over dark. The world holds it breath before it plunges into activity. In this still moment, before you rush forward, look inside yourself. What potential do you have that is not yet realized?

Meditation Question: What possibilities do I wish to bring forth?

Activity for the week:
Materials needed
Flower seeds
Popsicle stick or other stick to use as a plant identifier

When you are comfortable with an answer to the meditation question, write down it on the plant identification stick. Place that stick as a marker in a pot of soil. Next, hold a few of the seeds in your hand and focus your Will on them, to make them be the physical representation of the possibility you wish to bring forth. Picture what you wish as fully in your mind. Once you have done that, plant the seeds and care for them. Anytime you care for them or water them consider how much daily care, attention, and energy goes into turning seeds into mature plants. The same is true for any potential you wish to develop in yourself. As above, so below.

Mar. 16th, 2007



Counting down to Dedication and the start of the Meditations

Meditations - How I designed this for myself follows...I would focus on one meditation per week. So each morning and evening when I meditate I would "hold" that thought or question in my center for an entire week. There may be activities that I come up with that fit with the meditation that I want to do. Some short term or long term projects or changes that I need to make in my life. But that's just how I'm planning on doing this. You all do as much, as little, or do it in a different way - nothing will be "doing it wrong".

I will be commenting, perhaps even daily, on what thoughts come into my head or changes I see or whatever in the comments section of that particular meditation post. I would absolutely love it if any of you did the same - if you joined in. Remember, if you want to keep your privacy, log out so you can post anonymously.

Dedication - I'm excited, but I'm starting to get nervous as well. The days are counting down to the Equinox when I will Dedicate to Kore. It just feels like such a HUGE turning point in my life...and I'm a bit frightened, really. I get a bit emotional when I think about - is that good? It feels right and it feels overwhelming all at the same time.

So...what am I doing to Dedicate? I won't bore you with details...but more behind the cut.
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So have any of you Dedicated? What was it like? Were you alone? In a group? Did it have an impact on you? Share your experience!

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