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Counting down to Dedication and the start of the Meditations

Meditations - How I designed this for myself follows...I would focus on one meditation per week. So each morning and evening when I meditate I would "hold" that thought or question in my center for an entire week. There may be activities that I come up with that fit with the meditation that I want to do. Some short term or long term projects or changes that I need to make in my life. But that's just how I'm planning on doing this. You all do as much, as little, or do it in a different way - nothing will be "doing it wrong".

I will be commenting, perhaps even daily, on what thoughts come into my head or changes I see or whatever in the comments section of that particular meditation post. I would absolutely love it if any of you did the same - if you joined in. Remember, if you want to keep your privacy, log out so you can post anonymously.

Dedication - I'm excited, but I'm starting to get nervous as well. The days are counting down to the Equinox when I will Dedicate to Kore. It just feels like such a HUGE turning point in my life...and I'm a bit frightened, really. I get a bit emotional when I think about - is that good? It feels right and it feels overwhelming all at the same time.

So...what am I doing to Dedicate? I won't bore you with details...but more behind the cut.

I have been working on a light, delicate shirt to wear. I don't do robes, etc. But I wanted to wear "my best". So I have been sewing a shirt out of unbelievably soft and sheer white cotton. I have been embroidering a labyrinth with an infinity sign in the middle in black onto the shirt at about the navel level.

Starting on Saturday night...clear liquids only. Good thing that includes green beer, right? Why fast? Two reasons. I want my old life to GET OUT - not all of it, but there are things I wold like to purge. Second, I am trying to open myself, more than usual, and I know fasting combined with meditation, putting yourself into a different environment, and drugs (mead) can help do this. I know many don't agree with doing something like that, but...

I'm taking the 20th off of work to Dedicate alone. I really wish I had someone(s) to stand by me during the ritual...but that is not to be. After the Dedication...I am having a big family dinner to celebrate! All the stops will be pulled out.

So have any of you Dedicated? What was it like? Were you alone? In a group? Did it have an impact on you? Share your experience!


The closest I've come to a ritualized dedication is drinking pennyroyal tea (which is annoyingly hard to come by around here) in winter months last year. The practice didn't last especially long, though, because I became pregnant with my now-5-month-old son shortly before Imbolc. Pennyroyal can act as an abortive (which is precisely why it's hard to find locally), so clearly I couldn't continue drinking it. ^_^ I was tempted to try the grain water (nonalcoholic beer, in essence) and pennyroyal mix for Mabon, but I was still eight-months-pregnant... and honestly, the idea of a drink flavored like minty beer is a bit offputting. ^_^;
minty beer? That does NOT sound tasty at all!

May 2007

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