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Meditation #2

Kore spent her days with her friends, gathering flowers, laughing, and dancing. She was not worried about someone thinking she wasn’t taking life seriously enough, as if that was a virtue She had to live up to. Kore was living each moment in full appreciation of Her Mother’s gifts.

Spend a moment thinking back to a time when you were a child and you did silly, fun things just because it made you laugh. You had no care for how you looked, what others thought of you, and you gave yourself over fully to it. In that moment in time, you were truly happy and alive. Close your eyes and focus on one particular time. Recapture that moment, what you were doing, who you were with, and how you felt.

Meditation Question: What value do I place on having fun?

Extra credit
Actually DO some of those things you loved doing as a child. Even better, get a friend to do them with you.


Fun makes life pleasurable and worth living! We put too much focus on work, sometimes. It is good to think about simple things that we enjoyed as children as well as simple things that we enjoy as adults. It doesn't have to be flying on a jet and spending lots of money. Sometimes for me it is an ice cream cone on a hot day or a walk in the woods.
(2:30am! You are up late SnowCalla! and on a school night! :D )
Yeah...I'm at a tradeshow and conference...I grab a few minutes when i can.
ok...lj ate my last attempt at this...I'll give it another go.

I would have said before I did the meditation that of course I value having fun. Now, I have to admit that I don't. If I valued having fun, I would do it more often. I would make time for it, instead of just using the left over bits of time to see if I could squeeze some fun into that. The things you value, you do. Period.

Some time ago...about 13 years...I decided that having fun was bad and dangerous. That it was better to be serious, and to "take care of business". And while I do think you need to get things done, there's more to life than that, isn't there? When I look back on my life...I want to have lived it, to have had joy and laughter and love. Not just a series of to-do lists with the boxes checked.

Kore...you have your hands full with me...don't give up! I'm opening my eyes and really looking.

May 2007

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