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Meditation #3

While we can’t spend all day, every day frolicking in the meadows with our friends (and who would want to after a while!) we can make an effort to do more of the things that we like. The things that put a smile on our face and a skip in our step. Most of the time, the things that bring the most pleasure are simple. So simple that we overlook them and discount them. Kore didn’t go on a cruise everyday, She wasn’t dripping in diamonds, and She wasn’t even shopping at the mall. And yet She is the very picture of joy.

There was an older man that I knew who was celebrating his 90th birthday. All his family was there for the party. I commented on what a special day it was for him and his responce surprised me. "Any day I can sit on my porch in my rocking chair and sip on a cup of coffee while the sun rises is a special day."

Meditation Question: What simple pleasure could I introduce into my life that would make every day a special day?

Extra Credit: Make the effort to bring that special pleasure into your life and focus on it for at least a few minutes. Post what your simple pleasure is and what (if any) changes it makes in your life to have it daily.


I have asked this question of others and got some very different answers.

One lady I work with (who has young children) said if she could have 5 minutes of absolute silence everyday - it would have a huge positive impact in her life. As to why she doesn't have five minutes...lets' just say that her husband is "not very supportive" and doesn't help out with anything. Personally I think she could skip the five minutes of silence and ditch the husband and be a whole lot happier. To each his/her own, I guess.

For another person it was a cup of mocha every day. For one thing, being able to afford the $4 for coffee day in and day out would be a big deal. For him, it wasn't so much the coffee, but what the coffee represented. A bit of luxury. He said it would be like drinking pure gold.

I pretty much knew what would make me happy to have in my life every day. Flowers. I'll take cut flowers, but what I really enjoy is growing them. Outside, in pots, whatever. I love to watch them bloom, smell them, fuss over them. And I will tell you that I have flowers in my office and in my home most days. But, I have learned in this meditation, there is a big difference between having a thing that could bring happiness and seeing/noticing, a thing that does bring happiness into your life.
For me, just one artistic moment every day. Whether I'm seeing some sort of art, creating art, or just thinking about art/things I want to create. That moment of beauty and expression lifts my day. ^_^

...that and seeing my little boy smile. ^_^
I know what you mean about seeing your child smile. It goes right to your heart. And thank you...you have given me the idea for the next meditation.

May 2007

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