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snowcalla in labyrinthseeds

Meditation #4

One of the easiest ways to feel happier is to smile. Even when, no especially when, you think there is nothing to smile about. What happens when you smile? Try it right now. Do you feel a bit happier?

What happens when you see someone smile at you? Or you hear someone laugh or make some other joyful sound? I know it lifts my heart when I hear others being joyful.

When you see someone smiling, and it is sincere and heartfelt, you are seeing Kore shine through them. When you smile, you are Kore.

Meditation: Spend some time smiling and let the Goddess shine through you. Feel Her enter your heart, and if you are smiling at others, watch how She enters their heart.


I can say...this has made a difference. And it made a difference in how people react to me. Is it just a mimic responce? Or is it the Goddess shining through? I think it is Her. Because when I smile, or I return a smile, and I make myself be in the moment instead of on auto pilot...I feel Her dancing in my heart. How many times over the years has She been there for me? How many times has She entered my being without me acknowledging Her? What a gift...so simple and yet I over look it 24/7. How many other gifts do I overlook - or not enjoy because I can't open my eyes. The outer eye or the inner eye?

I thought this would be a light, fun meditation...and it has been. But light and happy can also be very deep. It's surprising what other things you notice when you decide to notice something.

May 2007

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