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snowcalla in labyrinthseeds

Meditation # 5

Centuries ago, soldiers in Europe used good-smelling spices to distract the injured from pain. Today, hospitals are experimenting with aromatherapy, using good smells to comfort those in postoperative recovery. One of the first things people in any time period do when they receive flowers is to smell them.

If you look at the list of flowers that Kore and her Maiden friends were picking, you will notice that all of them are known for their perfume. Even the herbs They picked to make wreaths out of are highly fragrant.

Meditation: Choose a few different aromas that you enjoy and spend some time in meditation inhaling the fragrance. Use a different oil/incense/aroma each day. Keep your mind open to what memories it calls up for you, what emotions you feel, and which one seems to call up the Goddess when you smell it. Write down your observations after each meditation.



I tried grapefruit last night. I almost didn't meditate because I was planning on getting drunk. But meditating to grapefruit was a better stress reliever than wine. Who knew?

I may try it again because I was soooo stressed that I wasn't about to do much else except lower my blood pressure and stop that tight-throat feeling you get when your trying not to cry.


I had company for a few days...so...didn't get as many done as I thought.

I tried rose. I know it is supposed to be more of a "mother" or "old lady" smell...but I thought I would give it a whirl.

Real rose, not the fake crap, evoked very different thoughts and feelings than I thought it would. It was very "spring", very female. It was light with just the slightest hink of sex to it...more "innocent delight".

Closing my eyes I could picture being in a field of flowers, light breeze. Made me feel like taking my clothes off and dancing in warm sunlight. Love, happiness, beauty....that's what Rose smells like.

May 2007

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